Our Coffee Story

Colombia Artisan Premium Coffee


"El-Cafetero', Spanish for “The Coffee Grower”,' is a homage to all Colombian farmers who, since 1857, dedicated each and every day to growing coffee to the highest standards.
We’re an exclusive Colombian Coffee wholesaler and retailer distributor, one of the biggest suppliers to the United Kingdom, European Union, The Middle East, and Africa. We distribute coffee beans, and ground, in addition to roasted coffee supply to companies interested in having their own brand.

Our story begins when two new immigrants from Colombia arrived in Israel with a vision to promote and familiarise the Israeli public - and the whole world - with the Colombian coffee tradition.
Our conviction in our vision and our superb coffee led us to set up our business even as the world around us is going through a health and financial crisis.
We recognized the opportunity to offer coffee lovers a new and unique style of coffee that changes the entire coffee experience from the very first sip.

Colombian coffee fields view
Filtered Coffee
Coffee beans roasting process

The Process

We born as a new alternative of premium coffee consumption, despite growing the best coffee in the world, coffee producers only offer "pasillas" with a high roasting, Toaster the Walnut specializes in the selection of grain of the best coffee qualities in the region through the Chinchiná Caldas Coffee Growers Cooperative, for the production of our 1857 export coffees and Chinchiná for internal consumption.

Likewise, we are committed to meeting the established quality standards, satisfying the consumer's tastes of coffee lovers, promoting the coffee culture, and establishing a new range of quality in the coffee consumed daily.

At last, But not Finally...

We are a company that seeks leadership and recognition in the marketing of premium coffee, at competitive prices and available to all Coffee lovers consumers in the world, with its online wholesale and retail as an international point and globally competitive.

Hence the need to teach people to consume Premium quality coffee, which does not require sugar, and on the contrary, your palate will be enjoying exquisite profiles and flavors that with training, will be able to fully recognize and enjoy those characteristics in each cup of our coffee.

1857 (80/20) Supremo arabica bag with espresso coffee cup
Coffee beans and coffee preparation

Our Mission

Great coffee isn’t just a drink, it’s an experience, it's a journey. We are on a mission to bring joy to your days, and we believe that we can make your mornings, and in fact your entire day, even better. 
After living and working together in a special roast scene for over a decade, we have learned to love coffee as a source of inspiration and a way to connect with colleagues and the people we love.
We founded EL CAFETERO LTD,  to share this culture that we love and motivates us to spread the joy of small-batch locally-roasted beans, with coffee lovers around the world, leveraging our technology and expertise to help you discover your next favorite cup.

Cup of coffe with woman hands

Coffee Growing in Colombia

Colombia produces about 12% of the world's coffee production, which positions the country as the third-largest coffee supplier in the world (after Brazil and Vietnam). The country has an excellent reputation for controlling the quality of the coffee it exports, which explains the relatively higher price of the coffee.
The coffee plantations in Colombia grow at altitudes of 1200-2000 mts and stretches along the Cordillera of Los Andes from north to south in diverse climatic conditions.

Colombian coffee fields view

Due to the geographical size of Colombia, the harvest season varies between regions in the country: in some places, the harvest season takes place between September and January, while in other parts of the country the harvest takes place between April and August. Colombian coffee comes in two main types: Supremo and Excelso, indicating the size of the coffee beans; Supremo is the larger (screen 17-19) and Excelso is the smaller(screen 14-16).
Colombia's incredible success in producing large and consistent quantities of quality coffee places the country at the top of the commercial market and is considered number one in the world's top choice.